EMA and NEMo : a growing cooperation.


We are very happy about our cooperation with NEMO which is growing in various sectors.

On April 5th  15. 30 it was held  a webinar

  • The great revolution of European museums
    Which museums were the most influential in the European scene in the last 20 years? Which contributed to change professional practices, people's perceptions and visitors' expectations and experiences?
    Drawing from his 40-year career as juror of different museum prizes and awards at European level and from the findings disclosed in his most recent book The great revolution of European museums, Massimo Negri proposed  on a virtual tour to discover innovative practices, new trends and challenges that contemporary museums are facing.
  • facilitator: Massimo Negri, director of the European Museum Academy
  • Now available online  :   https://goo.gl/0TjhMC




The 2017 EMA Brochure is online !

We are pleased to present here the 2017 version of our institutional brochure. A printed version will be ready next week for distribution on occasion of our coming events.

2017 EMA brochure2017 EMA brochure [1.088 Kb]

2017 Children in Museums Award Ceremony.

The Children in Museums Award is a joint venture between Hands On! and the European Museum Academy. The Award was launched during the Children’s Bookfair in Bologna, Italy in 2011. The EMA cooperates with HO! supplying judges and offering expertise as regards to content. The judges are on the look-out for creative and innovative exhibitions and programmes for the age group up to 14 years old.

Save the Date – 11th Hands On! Conference, 11-14 October, Czech Republic

During this exciting meeting the 2017 CiM Award Winners will be announced !

Registration open from April 28, 2017

Travelling 20,000 kilometers through China as a museum professional

 "Travelling 20,000 kilometers through China as a museum professional"

A highly interesting article by  Annemies Broekgaarden, Head of Public and Education, Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam, reporting about her recent experience in China.

Originally an anthropolgist graduated at the University of Utrecht, Annemies is nos also a Member of the EMA Advisory Board. She has been essential in establishing the cooperation between EMA and Hands On! International which brought to launch of the Children in Museums Award which started in 2011 in 2011. EMA cooperates with HO! supplying judges and offering expertise as regards to content. Annemies is now also International member of the new Public Education Experts Commitee of NAMOC – Bejing to give advice and support to help enhancing the educational role of art museums in China.

 Have a good reading !


  Our Articles of the Month are a valuable source of information and inspiration for museological and museographical matters  as well as an occasion to meet  some of the experts who are cooperating with us. Please click on the ARCHIVE Section and you find most of them. We apologise for not yet being able to make all of them available and (sorry!) in the most appropriate order...BUT we are reshaping our website and also this service will improve.


A new publication about all the candidates which took part over the years to the Luigi Micheletti Award is now available !

"Twenty Years of the Luigi Micheletti Award" is a 143 pages book published in  paper as well as in a digital version  by the MUSIL Foundation  and the Micheletti Foundation in Brescia. EMA has largely contributed to the contents which offers a unique source of information about the development of industrial, technical, scientific museum all over Europe. It is the result of an intensive work of visiting, gathering documentation and examining dossiers. Free download at:http://www.luigimichelettiaward.eu/20-years/.




Our New On Line Master Course on Museology New Media and Communication !!